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48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-1
  • 48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-1
  • 48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-2
  • 48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-3
  • 48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-4
  • 48020-Cat 416D Loader Bucket-5

New 89" Caterpillar 420D Pin-On General Purpose Loader Bucket For Sale

Stock #: 48020
  • List Price: $3,900.00
  • Sale Price: $3,510
In New / Unused condition
Fits: Caterpillar 420D with No Coupler
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Serial #: CV608002601
Part #: 251-1786
Weight: 1,174 Lbs
Teeth: Bolt-On Cutting Edge