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Oregon is one of the few states in the US that does not have a sales tax. We do not collect any sales tax at Hunt Tractor. Depending on the laws in your state you may be obligated to pay a tax to your state by self reporting any out of state purchases you made where you did not pay sales tax.
50812-16%22 CT1600 Pipe Tongs-1
  • 50812-16%22 CT1600 Pipe Tongs-1
  • 50812-16%22 CT1600 Pipe Tongs-2
  • 50812-16%22 CT1600 Pipe Tongs-3
  • 50812-16%22 CT1600 Pipe Tongs-4

Used 16" Automatic Pipe Tong Lifting Device For Sale

Stock #: 50812
  • List Price: $750.00
In Good condition
Manufacturer: The Superior Equipment Co.
Model: CT1600-2-7
Weight: 166 Lbs
Fits Coupler Type: n/a