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We have not been ordered to close by the State of Oregon so we will continue to serve you until that time comes. We are parcticing proper social distancing and have put measures in place to keep both ourselves and our customers safe during this trying time. All in person business will be conducted outside so if you come to look at something please ring our Ring doorbell so we can come outside to help you. Stay safe!

Oregon is one of the few states in the US that does not have a sales tax. We do not collect any sales tax at Hunt Tractor. Depending on the laws in your state you may be obligated to pay a tax to your state by self reporting any out of state purchases you made where you did not pay sales tax.

Skeleton Buckets For Sale

Skeleton Buckets For Sale

Daewoo Skeleton Buckets for sale

New Pin-On Skeleton Bucket for Daewoo S130-5 (SEC) Call 48215-50%22 Skeleton Bucket-1 More Info

Other Skeleton Buckets for sale

Used PSM Wedge Skeleton Bucket for 32-44 Ton Excavator Call 44299- 84in Screen Bkt-1.JPG More Info
New Wedge Skeleton Bucket for 32-44 Ton Excavator (SEC) Call 48980-72%22 Skeleton Bucket-1 More Info