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Oregon is one of the few states in the US that does not have a sales tax. We do not collect any sales tax at Hunt Tractor. Depending on the laws in your state you may be obligated to pay a tax to your state by self reporting any out of state purchases you made where you did not pay sales tax.

Excavator Rakes For Sale

Excavator Rakes For Sale

Kobelco Excavator Rakes for sale

Used 40" Excavator Rake for Kobelco ED180 - Pin-On (TRK) Call 49240-40%22 Kobelco SK160LC Rake-3 More Info

Komatsu Excavator Rakes for sale

New 68" Excavator Rake for Komatsu PC200LC-7 - Pin-On (SEC) Call 48986-68%22 Komatsu PC200 Excavator Rake-1 More Info

Other Excavator Rakes for sale

Used 66" Excavator Rake for 19-26 Ton Excavator - Call 44493-66in Excavator Rake-1 More Info
Used 60" Excavator Rake for 19-26 Ton Excavator - *Non-Standard* Pin-On (Young) Call 43173-60in Excavator Rake-1 More Info
Used 60" Excavator Rake for 4-7 Ton Excavator - CWS Wedge Call 49195-60%22 Moss Rake with CWS Wedge Lugging-1 More Info
New 40" Excavator Rake for 26-32 Ton Excavator - Weldco-Beales Wedge (Weldco-Beales) Call 43873- New Excavator Rake with Wedge QC Lugging fo More Info